Metal organic frameworks - membranes and adsorbents

Metal organic frameworks are a fascinating emerging class of materials with exceptional porosity and other characteristics that make them particularly interesting as membranes and adsorbents. In our group, we have explored a variety of different approaches to incorporating metal organic frameworks into membranes, adsorbents and other devices. We have several current projects related to metal organic frameworks, and these are described in some detail by the students working on those projects (click on the text below).  Chen Chen - Advanced materials for separation of light gases Ben Slater - Chiral metal organic framework adsorbents Nicholaus Prasetya - Light-responsive metal organic framework mixed matrix membranes Marine Michel - Chiral metal organic framework mixed matrix membranes


Supply of potable water is a major issue in Australia and around the world. Desalination of seawater or saline groundwater is a viable option for producing potable water in many locations, and the group is involved with research related to desalination in a number of different projects. This includes a current project evaluating various polymers for coating electrodes (with a view to employing them in membrane capacitive deionisation), as well as an industry-collaboration project evaluating the use of vibratory shear membrane technology for treatment of highly concentrated water streams.

3D Printing

Recent developments in advanced manufacturing have allowed for unprecedented turnaround times in prototyping of new devices. As part of the Ladewig Group's determination to take our discoveries in advanced membranes and materials to real functional devices, we have purchased a 3D printer for our lab. In the coming months, the group will be designing and manufacturing several iterations of the most precise, small-volume membrane permeation apparatus, to allow for measurement of the gas permeation through some of the smallest and most novel gas permeation membranes. Keep watching this webpage for some very exciting developments from our 3D printing! 

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