Professor Bradley Ladewig

Professor Bradley Ladewig

Paul Wurth Chair in Energy Process Engineering

University of Luxembourg

Bradley Ladewig is Paul Wurth Chair in Energy Process Engineering at the University of Luxembourg. His teaching and research interests are in hydrogen technologies, especially in energy applications.

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University of Luxembourg
Paul Wurth Chair in Energy Process Engineering
April 2022 – Present Belval, Luxembourg

Responsibilities include:

  • Research in hydrogen materials and technologies
  • Teaching in the Bachelor and Masters of Engineering
  • Industry engagement especially in pan-European hydrogen projects
Imperial College London
Visiting Professor
November 2018 – Present London, UK
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Group Leader
November 2018 – April 2022 Karlsruhe, Germany
Imperial College London
Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
May 2015 – November 2018
Monash University
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
January 2009 – May 2015
Appointed Lecturer in 2009, promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2011 and Associate Professor in 2012


LuxHyVal is a 5 years long project funded by the European Commission Horizon Europe Programme. LuxHyVal aims to contribute to the achievement of the European target on decarbonisation of the industrial sector before 2030 by launching a flagship hydrogen valley in Luxembourg to boost the penetration of hydrogen through:
Advanced electrochemical conversion of ammonia to hydrogen as part of a global supply chain in green hydrogen. A collaboration between the University of Luxembourg and IIT Bombay, India.
Hydrogen selective membranes using machine learning to accelerate materials development
Advanced porous materials for hydrogen separations – smart development and characterisation approaches supported by machine learning - a collaboration between the University of Luxembourg and National University of Singapore

Recent Publications

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(2023). Carbon Capture with Polymeric Membranes. Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences.


(2023). Functional role of B-site substitution on the reactivity of CaMFeO3 (M = Cu, Mo, Co) perovskite catalysts in heterogeneous Fenton-like degradation of organic pollutant. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers.


(2022). Photoresponsive Polymer and Polymer Composite Membranes for Gas Separation. ACS Applied Polymer Materials.


(2022). A batch photoreactor for small-scale laboratory research - a technical note. ChemRxiv.


(2022). Natural and recycled materials for sustainable membrane modification: recent trends and prospects. Science of the Total Environmental.



The Paul Wurth Chair is located at both the Kirchberg and Belval campuses of the University of Luxembourg.