Membrane research has been the core interest of the Ladewig Group since first forming an independent research group at Monash University in 2009. The main focus of the work now is on metal organic framework membranes.


The Promise project is a DFG funded Research Unit, and is a collaboration with Uni Freiburg and KIT Karlsruhe. Bradley Ladewig is the leader of Project 3 (TP3) on photochemical reactors.


Accelerated materials development for Advanced Energy Applications

Machine Learning

This is a preliminary project exploring the potential for Machine Learning in Chemical Engineering research. It is a collaboration with Alexander Stroh and Pascal Friederich. In our preliminary work, we have shown that it is possible to create a dataset of detailed computation fluid dynamic simulations (CFD) for fluid flow through a two-dimensional channel with a range of different, largely random, pertubations to the wall structure.